Pulse Wave Therapy in Louisville

Pulse Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction in Louisville KY

Erectile dysfunction is a condition where blood fails to flow adequately to the penis and this condition can be addressed through Pulse Wave Therapy. With Pulse Wave Therapy for erectile dysfunction in Louisville, men can easily treat ED besides managing the symptoms. You do not have to worry about this treatment as erectile dysfunction shock wave therapy (Pulse Wave Therapy) does not require hospitalization, surgery or drugs, meaning that you can never experience any side effects and your overall health condition cannot be affected.

According to research, half of the men aged 40 to 70 years suffer from ED and instead of treating the symptoms, you can excellently eradicate the cause and live a fruitful life. Pulse Wave Therapy can be used in general physiotherapy and it applies a proven technology to increase the flow of blood to the heart. Based on ED, Pulse Wave Therapy uses low-intensity acoustic waves to reopen the veins responsible for the flow of blood to the penis and the erection is effected from that spot on.

How ED Pulse Wave Therapy treats male impotence

At Hightower Men's Clinic, we care so much about the health of people and we are determined to offer this groundbreaking treatment to ensure that men regain their healthy sexual function. If you’ve been suffering from this condition, call us today and enquire on how you can be treated with Pulse Wave Therapy.

In the fields of urology, cardiology, pain management, and physiotherapy, extracorporeal acoustic waves have successfully been used to increase the flow of blood in the body’s specific areas. Unlike an electric shock, you can never feel anything during Pulse Wave Therapy procedure as it applies a low-intensity extracorporeal shock to reopen the blood vessels and enhance the flow of blood to the penis. Similarly, PDE inhibitors do the same although there are no risks or side effects experienced during Pulse Wave Therapy. If you’re suffering from ED, the good news is that it can be treated and your sexual performance can be restored.

Benefits of our ED treatment in Louisville

  • It doesn’t require pills or pre-planning
  • Restores spontaneous response to sexual arousal
  • The medical technique applies is medically proven to increase the flow of blood
  • It’s safe and effective treatment
  • Poses no risk to men with other health conditions prohibiting other therapies
  • Upon treatment, you can remain sexually active for up to a year

The process of ED treatment with Pulse Wave Therapy

Once you come to our Louisville Clinic, we use a medical device to accurately direct the acoustic waves to the right spots. The treatment takes less than thirty minutes and our experts do it professionally by moving a wand along the penis shaft and base and then direct acoustic waves to the arteries in the corpora cavernosa.

If you were subjected to PDE inhibitors or you cannot use medications, Pulse Wave Therapy will help you regain your erection perfectly. Pulse Wave Therapy is an innovative treatment that uses no drugs to allow men with ED to regain their natural and normal response to sexual arousal. Therefore, expect no health risk or side effects.

How to end impotency

It is evident that ED has made millions of men feel embarrassed and inferior when it comes to having intercourse with their partners. However, there is a solution to every problem and with Pulse Wave Therapy, you can regain your sexual wellness and live happily with your partner.